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8 Tease is an 80tals coverband that was born as a spin-off of our Pop Tease band as more and more clients were requesting 80s music. Little did we know exactly how much both us and the clients love it! Jam packed with power, punch and pure 80s hits we guarantee a crowded dance-floor from the very first to the very last song.

The show band is made up of 80s Pop and 80s Rock. Pink neon, sweat bands, muscles, flashdance, mash-ups, virgins and a limbo feature in our first set which is dedicated to pop. Leopard print, leather, guyliner, amazing guitar solos, countdowns and stage dives feature in our second set which is dedicated to rock.

8 Tease is available as a five or six piece live band and features classic hits such as ‘Take On Me’, ‘Wanna Dance With Somebody’, ‘Beat It’, ‘Jump’, ‘Hold The Line’, ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ and ‘The Final Countdown’…

8 Tease showman and musicianship is second to none. Charismatic, funny, talented, professional and hard working. They add something new and exciting to the coverband scene with their quirky on-stage personalities, audience interaction, OTT costumes and pure audience appeal.

You don’t have to have lived through the 80s to love 8 Tease! Non-stop, show-stopping fun!


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  • 6 Piece Live Band; 2 x female vox or 1 x female, 1 x male vox, 1 x male singer/guitarist, 1 x lead guitarist, 1 x male drummer, 1 x male bassist.


  • 5 Piece Live Band; 1 x female vox, 1 x male singer/guitarist, 1 x lead guitarist, 1 x male drummer, 1 x male bassist. 


  • 2 x 60 minutes – 8 Tease Pop and 8 Tease Rock
  • 2 x 45 minutes – 8 Tease Pop and 8 Tease Rock
  • 1 x 75 minutes – 8 Tease Rock
  • 1 x 45 mins Abba, 1 x 45 mins Pop Tease or 8 Tease
  • 1 x 60 mins Abba, 1 x 45 mins Pop Tease or 8 Tease

Previous Clients

  • Marks & Spencer HQ
  • The Army
  • Ellas Kitchen
  • Claridge’s
  • The Dorchester
  • The Ritz – London
  • Cambridge University
  • Royal Ascot
  • IFK Emtunga
  • Valand
  • Plus hundreds more…!


You can see more photos including fan photos in our 8 Tease Gallery!

Extra Information

  • We provide our full PA, stage & dance-floor lighting for an indoor event of up to 400 people within our quote.
  • We can provide free of charge,  ‘dj’ disco music around our sets – this is an un-manned service. If you require a manned DJ service we can provide this for an additional fee.
  • We take approximately 2 hours to complete set up and sound check.
  • We require a hot meal for each member of the band as well as soft drinks.
  • We require a suitable room where the band can change and store their belongings in.


For any other information please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will gladly answer all of your questions!
UK – (0044)7815 309962

Sweden – (0046)7294 81399


8 Tease Repertoire